SILENCE HAS A NAME - Poetry Chapbook and CD, with Music by Mark Hanley

Monday, July 16, 2012


Jerry Jazz Musician, a jazz website founded by Joe Maita, was praised by
critic Nat Hentoff of The Wall Street Journal and nominated by the Jazz
Journalists Association for "Best Website Concentrating on Jazz," 2006
and 2007. It recently selected my jazz short story, "So What," out of more
than 100 entries for top prize in a contest. The story, which actually won
$100-dollars, can be read at www.jerryjazz.com.

In this era of painfully few literary outlets for jazz fiction, I am sincerely
grateful for the presence of Jerry Jazz Musician and its gallery of readers.
As everyone knows who knows me or my writing on this site or
beboptimes.blogspot.com, I am a diehard fan of jazz, particularly
hard bop. And I support jazz poetry and fiction. My sister Marcela
Breton edited a lovely compilation of the latter, titled, Hot and Cool,
published by Plume, in which you can read stories by, among others,
the great James Baldwin.

Today's breaking news is that I intend to continue listening to and
appreciating bebop, searching out themes related to the music and
breathing it into language.

Thanks for reading!