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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, a Tibetan Buddhist nun who is founder of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery and a spiritual friend, is helping to revolutionize the way the feminine is viewed in Tibetan Buddhism. For many years, she has been raising the consciousness of individuals worldwide to the needs of Tibetan Buddhist nuns while pushing for their equality within male-dominated traditions. As a result of her efforts, the young nuns in her lineage at the DGL Nunnery are receiving the same level of education as Tibetan Buddhist monks studying in monasteries, and this is a historic first in Tibetan Buddhism.

The newly erected temple at DGL Nunnery in India also features feminine deities and this is another historic event, the first time feminine divine images have ever predominated in a Tibetan Buddhist temple. On Jan. 14, 2015, she spoke to an audience at The Rubin Museum in New York about those remarkable images and paintings, which were featured in a slide show.

Jetsunma's work has helped to inspire male monastics such as HH the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Buddhist male leaders to turn their attention to the need for equality for Tibetan Buddhist nuns.

In a historic recent announcement, The Gyalwang Karmapa, who is head of the Kagyu tradition, said that in 2016, he will restore the novice (getsulma) and (shikshamana) training (shikshamana) nuns' vows. They will be conferred with the assistance of a second contingent of nuns from the Dharmagupta tradition and will lay the foundation for the bestowing of the full nun's (bhikshuni) vows in the future. This is a huge step forward in the struggle for spiritual equality for Tibetan Buddhist nuns and will help to open fresh venues to the spiritual fulfillment of female practitioners worldwide.


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Friday, December 5, 2014

JJM and the Blues Narrative

From the Dec. 3, 2014 issue of Jerry Jazz Musician:

“'HEAT' is a story set in modern times that is meant to convey the pulse and fervor of hot blues, and that echoes in its script, the storyline of some of the lyrics of tunes of the period, some of which are interspersed throughout as headings.

 I intentionally wanted to move toward something both new and experimental in this story — which is not about jazz or the blues, although the music and ideas about it thread throughout. The exaggerated characters, fast pace, intensity of emotion, high drama, all of these are elements of hot blues lyrics as well.

 I would like to thank Editor/Publisher Joe Maita for his open-mindedness and encouragement regarding the experimental narratives he has commissioned me to write for Jerry Jazz Musician. It is a writer’s dream to be allowed to stretch her own boundaries, and I am truly grateful to be supported in that enterprise."

Saturday, November 22, 2014


From the Editors at AGAVE MAGAZINE:

And… the Agave Magazine nominees for the 2015 Pushcart Prize series are:

Vol.1, Issue 2 {Winter/Spring 2014}
Sean O'Siadhail, "Big Toe Little Toe"
Catherine Evleshin, "Maceo's Rumba"

Vol.2, Issue 1 {Summer 2014}
Arya F. Jenkins, "Incorrigible"
Charles Thielman, "Southern Moss"

Vol.2, Issue 2 {Fall 2014} - forthcoming
Charlie Baylis, "Along the Westway"
Dana Roskey, "Smoking"
Congratulations to all!

-The Editors at Agave Magazine

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Thrilled to share the good news with fellow poets, writers, readers and bibliophiles that my poem "Incorrigible" has been nominated for a Pushcart Award by the editors of AGAVE MAGAZINE.

Thank you so much to the editors!